Getting Rid of Onedrive Duplicates from Windows 10 and Previous Versions

OneDrive is installed as a part of the Windows installation suite for Windows 8 /8.1/ 10. Important files and documents can be easily accessed through it.  Users have to make a separate folder for their files and all those files are automatically synced to the cloud.

Sometimes, by a mistake, 2 copies of the same file are present in the computer’s  HD as well as in the cloud. This thing happens with the people who are not well informed with the working of cloud technology. Duplication might become a big issue for someone who works on many documents and saves them on cloud regularly.

By following these steps you can simply remove all the duplicate files from your OneDrive:

First of all

  1. Download Clone File Checker, install it by completing the setup file.
  2. Operate Clone File Checker and add your OneDrive folder to it and press OK.
  3. Now start off the duplicate scan by clicking on Start Search button. The scan might take some time to complete, depending on the amount of data in your oneDrive folder.
  4. A list of all the duplicate files will appear when the scan is complete.
  5. The option of Quick Fix will help in deleting those duplicate files.
  6. After cleaning, synchronize OneDrive folder with the cloud to let changes take place.