Dealing with Duplicates in Cloud Gallery

The blessing and the curse of the cloud gallery is that it’s actually quite easy. It’s really easy to take a picture and automatically store it in a gallery. This allows you to keep on snapping away and revisit the gallery whenever you have time.

That might be a fine starting point. And when you find a huge number of duplicate files, it’s a glaring red flag.

The more you tidy up your cloud gallery, the faster it works. Deleting dupes from your gallery or getting rid of them not only saves you space on your hard drive but it also runs your machine very well.

Removing dupes manually is hectic. But still, you can choose ViewShow Duplicate Items to show files more than once in your gallery. You might be surprised by knowing how many they are. And checking all your files one by one will take hundreds of hours to complete.  

Clone Files Checker (CFC) is Handy.

Here’s how you can fix all your dud files:

  1. Download CFC.
  2. Click Add. (All you need now is to add folders you want to scan for duplicates).
  3. Set Search Options wisely. All Files option is also available.
  4. Hit Scan. And the results will be right in front of you within minutes.
  5. Now click Fix Wizard
  6. Here you’ll have an option to keep Newest and Oldest files (if you want)
  7. Here you go! You can either permanently delete or move these files to another folder.