Laser Targeting of High Tech Marketing Professionals Through the Audience of Third Door Media

If you’re into the business of selling marketing automation software or services, you may like to capitalize audience of Third Door Media (TDM).

This group runs one of the best digital marketing websites and hosts influential marketing conferences. Although it gets global traffic, you can select your desired geographical location to promote your business.


Popular Websites of the Network:

  1. Marketing Land
  2. Search Engine Land
  3. Search Engine Roundtable


Key Facts:

Look at these key facts to decide if these websites have the audience you’re looking for:

  1. 1.5 mn unique people visit their websites
  2. 74000 newsletter subscribers
  3. 11000 RSS feed users
  4. 2 mn social media connections

The readers of Third Door Media sites take buying decisions predominantly. These include CEOs, Directors, IT Managers, Digital Marketing Managers and Webmasters.

These readers not only buy marketing software/services but also look for Media solutions. Therefore, the media buying and selling agencies can also win prospective clients using this community.


Marketing Programs Offered:

The group allows users to run Display, Welcome & Native Ads, Newsletter Campaigns based on CPC and CPM models. Advertisers can also utilize their marketing events, custom webinars and Martech Intelligence reports as part of a broad content marketing strategy.

Besides targeting the entire network or the entire website, it allows you to target specific channels that are most relevant to your product.


Advertising Rates:

The rates below are subject to change.

Native Content Rates:

For a 1500‐word quality content, you will be charged $5000 for worldwide pageviews and $8500 for US only pageviews.

Other Rates:

See the following rate card which includes rates for web and newsletters promotion:

Rate Card