Embark On Swiss Advertising Potential with NZZ Media Group

Switzerland’s luscious Per Capita income makes it a popular destination for global brands.

The 8 mn populace is highly educated and affluent. They read print as well as digital newspapers. Advertisers should know these facts before starting a campaign in this beautiful country:

  • There are 4 national languages spoken: German, French, Italian, Romansh
  • German is the dominant language spoken by almost 65% Swiss population
  • Most Swiss expatriates are in the European Union countries. Thus, digital campaign on country’s newspapers can have a reach beyond the mainland.
  • 24% of the people (which is close to 2mn) are of foreign origin.
  • Out of these 2mn, 1.6mn are from various European countries.

To make it easier for entrepreneurs, small businesses and large scale advertisers, we’ve covered the NZZ media publications here.


Audience Overview:

The websites and print versions of NZZ newspapers, magazines and tabloid supplements get an astounding readership. Here is an overview of their audience:


Digital Audience

1.2 mn unique people visit nzz.ch website and they gulp 47 million pages in a month. It has a reach of 24% and casts its influence on the German-speaking Switzerland. These numbers show the content has high degree engagement.

There are 2 ways to place an ad on nzz.ch: First is buying fixed impressions for a fixed number of days; Second is buying CPT (Cost per Thousand Impressions) ads. The cost for both these is given here:

Print Audience

Neue Zürcher Zeitung is the major newspaper under the roof of which several magazines, Sundayonly editions, tabloids and industry supplements are published. It is one of the most reputed German–Language dailies of Switzerland. The publication is most read by high earners. It is published daily from Monday to Saturday. Almost 110,000 copies of the paper are distributed in the country and its estimated readership is 258,000. An interesting statistic about it is that 62% of its readers are male. Average cost per page advertisement rate is CHF 19,580. Pricing for the ‘fixed’ and ‘special formats’ is given below in Swiss Franc:

Fixed Format:

Special Format:


Other notable newspapers, magazines and supplements of this media group include: