Windows 10 iTunes Duplicates in Media Folder

We all love music. And for all music lovers, iTunes is a must have!

Lately, have you been alarmed by the emergence of many duplicate tracks in your iTunes library? They need to be dealt immediately to retrieve your disk space and reduce clogging.

Clone Files Checker is a brilliant tool that performs exactly what you need, in this scenario. It helps to keep your iTunes media content well organized, simplifies the challenging task of deleting duplicates etc. And even more – Clone Files Checker sorts, keeps your iTunes library in ideal order. CFC’s jewel in the crown is that it scans and deletes any duplicate music tracks stored anywhere on your hard disk and external storage devices.


The following steps will shed light on how can you remove tons of junk from your iTunes and recover invaluable disk space.

  1. Download and install Clone Files Checker.
  2. Open the program and you’ll notice Scan Mode drop down box on the upper-right corner.
  3. Select iTunes Search from the drop down box.
  4. You’ll have a music tag warning message recommending you to carefully review music tags’ criteria before deletion. Click OK after reading the instructions carefully.
  5. Clone Files Checker selects title, album and file content as the default Music Tags. You don’t need to change them. Just click the Start Search button.
  6. Once the iTunes duplicate songs scan is over, you’ll be presented with two options namely Quick-Fix and Review & Fix.
  7. Click the Quick-Fix button.
  8. Choose a file version to retain: Newest or Oldest.
  9. Choose an action: Permanently Delete or Move to Folder.
  • Permanent Delete option wipes out duplicate files, however they can still be recovered from History tab > Your Scan ID > Restore.
  • Move to Folder option moves all duplicate files and file types to a specific folder so that you can review them later.



  • Single-click cleanup
  • Easily organize your iTunes music collection
  • Helps you reclaim several GBs of HDD space consumed by duplicate junk
  • Previews music, image, video and other files right from the main screen
  • Automated backup to restore duplicate music after deletion
  • Compresses backups to save disk space
  • Supports Windows PC, laptop, tablets
  • Scan dupes on iOS-based devices such as iPad, iPod and iPhone
  • Supports byte-by-byte matching