Google Play Music Has too Many Duplicate Songs Repeating

If you aren’t using an automated solution to remove duplicates from Google Music then there aren’t many options left to perform the task,

assuming that you don’t want to take the manual method as manually scanning a music library that is well into GBs can be a painstaking task of the highest order! That leaves out only 1 more method through which you can get rid of duplicates. Here it goes then.


Removing Duplicate Google Music Songs Using Cygwin and the Gmusicapi

One of the options you’re left with is making use of Cygwin. Here is the detailed rundown on it.

  1. To get started, you’ll need to download Cygwin, which is an open-source software. You’ll also need to download gmusicapi, which is an unofficial yet effective API for removing duplicates from Google Music.

  2. After you’ve installed Cygwin you’ll be prompted to select the packages you want to download and install. Select the following packages:

         Devel > gcc-core, gcc-g++, openssl-devel

        Python > python (Python language interpreter), python-setuptools

        Web > wget

        Libs > libffi-devel

  1. After the packages have been installed, hit the Windows key and select Cygwin Terminal.

  2. Now you need to install gmusicapi. To do so, type the following commands in Cygwin:

        easy_install-2.7 pip
       pip install gmusicapi

  1. Now it’s time to download the script that Cygwin will use to find and remove duplicates with the help of gmusicapi. Download and store it in a safe place. If you want to review the source code you can check it out here.

  2. To execute, use the Cygwin Terminal to navigate to the folder you stored the python script in. You can use the following code to list out the drives and then navigate to the folder it’s stored in.

        cd /cygdrive/


  1. Once you’ve accessed the folder which contains, type in the following command in the terminal.


  1. You’ll be prompted to provide your username and password for the Google Play account. Once you’ve entered the login credentials, the terminal will show you a list of duplicates that have been detected.

  2. This is the point where the script will ask you to delete/ not delete the duplicate files with a Y/N option. Simply press Y, then hit Enter and watch the magic unfold.


Removing Duplicate Google Music Songs Using Python

To remove duplicated Google Music Songs by using Python on Windows 10, you’ll need to download the latest Python 2.7.x version, Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler for Python 2.7 as well as gmusicapi.

  1. Install the latest Python 2.7.x version and execute it.

  2. To get started you’ll need to install gmusicapi into python. Copy the script into the C:\Python27\Scripts directory for easy installation. Now enter the following command into the Python Terminal and press Enter.

        C:\Python27\Scripts\pip.exe install gmusicapi

  1. You’ll need to download a script to delete duplicate songs from Google Music which you can get from Google Music Dupe Killer page.

  2. You’ll notice a zip file being downloaded. Extract it, rename kill-dupes to and right-click to edit it in Notepad, Notepad++ or a similar software.

  3. You’ll need to use the Ctrl+F keys combination to find the Username which should look like this:

         api = Mobileclient()

        logged_in = api.login(‘username’, ‘password’)

        if logged_in: (Replace ‘username’, ‘password’ with your Google Music credentials.

Note: You’ll need to enable access to lesser secure apps from Google while you’re logged in with the same account as your Music Play account.

  1. Put the new into an easy to trace location, such as C:\Python27\.

  2. Now all you have to do is run Python with the new script. You can do so by adding up the following:



Note: Replace “YourWindowsUsername” with your actual Windows username.

You will see a message on the screen stating that you’ve logged in successfully. You’ll be presented with a list of duplicate files. This is the point where the script will ask you to choose between opting to delete or opting not to delete the duplicate files with a Y/N option. Simply press Y and then hit Enter. The resulting process will ensure the duplicate files be deleted swiftly.