Netflix Silverlight Crash in Mac

Many people report their web browser closes while watching TV shows or movies on Netflix.

Fix SilverLight Crash
Step 1

Download SilverLight Crash Fix-it Wizard

Your System: Mac, English?
Compatible with Mac OS X
File size: 361 KB, Safe Download

Follow this procedure to download:

  • Click here to download (silverlight crash) repair tool.
  • Double click on the setup file and follow the on-screen
    instructions to install the product.
  • Run a Scan and fix the detected errors by clicking the
    "Fix Errors" button.
Download Repair Tool

Disable and Re-enable the Plugin

Disable the plug-in temporarily and re-enable it again. Hope this will resolve your issue. The steps for different browsers are given below:

For Google Chrome:

Type “chrome://plugins” in the Address Bar window on top. Press ENTER. Disable and enable the plugin.

For Mozilla Firefox:

Click the Tools menu, select Add-ons | Plugins. Check the existing status, disable and re-enable the same.

For Safari:

Click the Help menu, select “Installed plug-ins”. Disable and enable Silverlight plugin.

Delete the Cookies

Each cookie contains information and settings. If these references are corrupted or outdated, delete the cookies.

Switch to a Different Browser

Try watching your Netflix TV shows and movies on a different web browser. Netflix Silverlight crash in Mac occurs due to problem with current browser configurations and settings. Switching to a different browser may prevent reoccurrence of the same.

Reinstall Silverlight Plug-In

Delete Microsoft Silverlight plug-in files from the specified directory. Download the latest version from Microsoft Download Center and install the same.

  • Click the Finder.
  • Double click your Hard Drive icon.
  • Open the following path: /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/
  • Delete the following plug-in files:

  • Delete all contents from your Trash.
  • Go to Microsoft Download Center.
  • Download and install the plug-in.
  • Close and re-open your browser.

Skip CPU Check using a DMG File

The CPU Check is performed during Silverlight installation on Mac. Netflix Silverlight crash in Mac occurs due to this CPU Check feature as it prevents the installation. This solution is for Non-Intel users, like AMD, PowerPC and so on.

  • Download Microsoft Silverlight 2.0 DMG from Microsoft Download Center.
  • After downloading the file, double click and mount the DMG file.
  • You’ll see a PKG file (Silverlight2.0.pkg, as an example).
  • Right click that PKG file, select “Show package contents”.
  • Locate the following:

    Contents | Resources
  • Right click InstallationCheck and select “Move to Trash”.

Fix SilverLight Crash

Download SilverLight Crash Fix-it Wizard

Your System: Mac, English?
Compatible with MAC OS X.
File size: 361 KB, Safe Download

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